re mappable


Capital Factory

Austin, TX 78701

re|mappable solutions allow patients with limb loss to begin and continue physical therapies from the comfort of their own home.


Who We Are

The concept for re|mappable was born through the combined experiences of three UT Austin graduates, each of whom have undergone significant journeys through physical therapy.

Clint, a VR/AR developer, fell off a 15ft diving board head first at the age of 10. He suffered years of PTSD and misdiagnosis as a result of the incident until being introduced to visualization therapies to retrain the brain.

Jeremy is a 3D generalist and game developer specializing in motion graphics and 3D modeling. A tree fall at age 13 resulted in a broken back, leading to a years of body braces and therapy. 

Ashish is a operations specialist with a focus on eCommerce, marketing and development. In 2018, a car accident left him hospitalized for months followed by a year of therapy to re-learn how to walk.

Founder Team

Clint Sawin

Integrated Media


Ashish Wadhwani

Business Development


Jeremy Rosart-Brodnitz

Lead Development